About Us

Ken Sampson

Ken Sampson is the owner of Sampson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Marco Island, Florida, and he tells the story of the company:

Carlton M Sampson, known to most people as Tex, was my dad and mentor.  He passed away October 18, 2012 from Aspergillosis, a fungal infection of his lungs. 
My dad knew a lot of people; I don't recall ever knowing anybody that did not like him, and trust him. He was just that type of guy.

Tex was the second of three sons of  Carlton James (C.J.)  and Roberta Sampson.  His father worked the oil fields, which meant the family moved frequently, and Tex went to 13 schools in 12 years.  In the early 1960s, Tex went to Okmulgee Tech, a trade school in Oklahoma, to learn the HVAC trade.  Tex's first job after trade school was with a refrigeration repair company in Dallas. 

From there he went to work for Certified Service.  Certified Service originally maintained and repaired multi-ton systems, then  diversified into light commercial A/C and commercial refrigeration, and Tex's experience grew.

Carlton 'Tex' Sampson

Tex started Sampson Air in 1984 here in Marco.  He bought a 1" Yellow Pages ad, and from that point on it was word of mouth that increased his business. Tex continued to build the business for over 25 years. His son Ken attended the same trade school as his dad in the early 1980s; it had been renamed OSU technical branch, and still gave him the same great education in HVAC.  Tex began his retirement in 2010, leaving his son Ken in charge.

Ken tells us:

Twenty-five years of being in business, Tex never wanted to be a big company.  Thankfully, when he retired we already had Wes Endres working with us.  Then we hired Alex Guutierez.  Both have worked for us while going to school at the Tri-County Apprenticeship Academy in Ft. Myers.  They are now journeymen, and I am very proud of their accomplishments. Our third repairman  is  Bill Murphy.  He is our second man on all installations, and our go-to man.

With Tex's unexpected death, the business had to go through re-licensing with Florida, and re-registration of the business.  Ken took and passed state licensing exams.  With the invaluable assistance of Carol Engle, the company's bookkeeper, Sampson Air Conditioning and Refrigeration submitted all the paperwork to the state to be registered.

After a few long weeks of waiting, Ken received his license in the mail.  The company is now officially Sampson Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc.  Ken appreciates the help he received from Mike Ossorio and his team at the state for their aid in handling the business licensing and registration.

In addition to meeting Florida's requirements, the business needed to move out of Tex's home while continuing to provide service to its customers.   Mark with San Marco Electric generously offered one of his warehouses. In a few weeks, Sampson was moved to new quarters.  Ken Sampson offers heartfelt thanks to Mark for the space.

Ken, Wes, Alex, Bill, and Carol look forward to providing service to you for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs.