Residential HVAC Services

residential air conditioner installation

Air Conditioning and Heating:

We repair, maintain, and install residential conditioners and heating units.

Pool Heaters:

We repair and install pool heaters. Schedule your pool heater maintenance early to be ready for cooler weather.

Residential Maintenance Agreements:

  • Fall maintenance: Check freon, replace filters, add algae tablets, service drain lines, visually inspect for potential breakdowns, check electrical, change battery in thermostat, turn on heater to burn off dust, check working status of unit
  • Spring maintenance: Check freon, replace filters, add algae tablets, service drain lines, visual inspection for potential breakdowns, check electrical.
  • Summer maintenance: Flush drains, add algae tablets added to the pan. Preventative maintenance is a good idea in July. It is cheaper to pay for preventative maintenance then a service call from a water leak or other problem.

Programmable Thermostats

It saves money on your energy bills, and keeps your home more comfortable with less fuss. Call us to install a new programmable thermostat!

We install good user-friendly Honeywell or White Rodgers T.C. We recommend you begin by using your new programmable T.C. like a regular non-programmable T.C. for a couple of weeks. Programmable ThermostatAnd Read!! Yes, read the instructions, and learn what it can do for you. Do not be afraid of pressing buttons to get what you want out of it.

What is this fan "on" and "auto?" Your A/C and heat system has a whole house circulating fan that can come in handy.

"Auto" brings the fan on automatically with your cooling and heating. Your system should usually be set to auto.

"On" brings the fan on continuously, all day every day until you turn it off. This can run your electric bill up very easily if you forget to turn it off. Just use it wisely.

Why would you select "on?"
The fan keeps the air moving. It helps eliminate hot and cold spots. When you have guests, consider putting the fan on to keep air moving in the bedrooms at nights. This trick works really well if you have a bedroom that doesn't cool well. Remember to turn the switch back to auto in the morning!

Having carpets cleaned?
Turn the fan to "on" to keep air moving while in cool position. Use your A/C system to suck the moisture right out of the carpet.